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The difference with Brimhall Eye Center is time. We value your time and give you our time. When you get to our Las Vegas office, you will be greeted by our helpful and friendly staff who will give you a complete patient-centered experience that’s all about your eye health. We respect your time, and your ophthalmologist will spend more personal time with you to find the best possible eye surgery or treatment.

Most eye centers pack as many patients as possible into a day. We’ve decided to take the opposite approach—we see fewer patients, and our doctors spend more time with each patient. We won't just put you on a conveyer belt and push you through our clinic. You will get a personalized experience with leading-edge medicine and old-fashioned care.

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Our Specialties

Top-Tier Cataract Surgery

We are honored to present our premier cataract service, with visual outcomes in the top 1% nationally. We offer a fully-customizable cataract experience, including LASER-assisted surgery, Dropless protocols (no drops after surgery), and premium services at our Las Vegas eye surgery center are designed to give you the vision you've always wanted. Quality is always a priority.

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LASIK and Vision Correction

When it comes to LASIK and PRK, quality matters. The techniques we use have been shown in the medical literature to produce some of the finest vision ever reported. Not a candidate? Glasses too thick? Corneas too thin? Clear Lens Exchange or the Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) may help. We are also the only practice to have ever...

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Glaucoma Care

Glaucoma is a major cause of vision loss in the US. Surprisingly, half of those with it are unaware, as there are no symptoms in the early stages. At Brimhall Eye, we perform comprehensive testing and if necessary can use a variety of methods to treat it, including medications, laser, and/or surgery. If caught early, the prognosis is usually excellent.

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Diseases of the Cornea

The cornea is the clear dome in the front the eye, and is largely responsible for focusing vision. If it becomes damaged or diseased, vision can become seriously compromised. Ethan Lin, M.D. is a cornea specialist with world-class training who may be able to help. He performs highly advanced treatments and surgery to restore vision.

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Pterygium (tur-RIDGE-ee-um) is a fleshy red patch that can grow from the white to the colored part of the eye. Generally safe, they sometimes cause eye irritation or may be seen as unattractive. In severe cases they can damage vision. Fortunately, they can be easily removed. If you are bothered by a pterygium come in for an evaluation.

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Diabetic Eye Disease

It is very important for those with diabetes to have a yearly eye exam. Diabetes can lead to blockage of blood vessels inside the eye causing vision changes or even vision loss. Additionally, diabetics are also at an increased risk of developing cataracts, glaucoma, double vision, or other problems. We routinely monitor and treat diabetes-related eye conditions.

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Meet Our Counselors

Deciding between treatment options is hard. It's really hard. That's why we have a team of counselors to help you weigh your options and choose which surgery or treatment is best for you. After you meet with one of our eye doctors, you'll sit down with one of our counselors, Andrew, Andrea, or Isabella, and they will walk you through your doctor's recommendations. Sometimes there are several options to choose between, and your counselor will show you what to expect from each and help you make a decision. Schedule a consultation with our counselors today!

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Unexpected Benefits of LASIK
Unexpected Benefits of LASIK
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Nov 10th, 2020

Brimhall Eye is Virtual
Brimhall Eye is Virtual!
Award-Winning Care. Adapted For Coronavirus. Feeling “stuck at home”? Use this time to learn about what our Vision Correction options are while safely “social distancing” at home. When this all passes, you will…

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Mar 31st, 2020


Award-Winning Care. Adapted for Coronavirus.

Exciting News! According to the Governor, Brimhall Eye Can Now Schedule for ALL Appointment’s Types.

These are including but not limited to: cataracts, LASIK consultations, diabetic eye exams, glaucoma, eye floater laser, dry eyes, and more. According to medical standards in the Las Vegas community, Brimhall Eye is also resuming the performance of eye surgery. Thank you for your patience during these hard times. Call into the office at 702.263.2020 to book your appointment.We are committed to providing you with the safest care possible. We are taking every precaution necessary. You’ll notice new changes when you come in. First, your experience should be much safer than in-store shopping experiences. We feel confident our safety measures will be to your satisfaction.
  • Staff and patients all WEAR MASKS.
  • ONLY PATIENTS ALLOWED IN THE OFFICE at this time. Accompanying visitors may be asked to wait in the car.
  • You will be SCREENED FOR SYMPTOMS prior to entering.
  • Regular and routine DISINFECTING OF THE FACILITY.

Office: 702-263-2020 Fax: 702-396-0287

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