Think you might need cataract surgery?

At Brimhall Eye we have some of the best visual outcomes in the country. Our outcomes and results are in the top 1% of ophthalmologists in the United States. Our patients are satisfied, and our results speak for themselves. We offer several different types of cataract surgeries, including laser-assisted cataract surgery and the new and extremely successful Dropless cataract surgery at our Las Vegas surgery center.

We want every patient who needs cataract surgery to be able to afford the treatment they need. We accept many types of health insurance, as well as offer several financing options so your budget doesn't hold back your eye health. The Wells Fargo Health Advantage program provides patients with 6, 12, 18, or 24 months of interest-free financing, depending on their credit. Visit our financing page to find out more and to apply.

Dropless cataract surgery is the most recent development in cataract surgery. It makes the cataract surgery easier for you as a patient, and it reduces risk. After a normal cataract surgery, the patient has to use several types of eye drops multiple times a day for weeks after surgery. With the Dropless surgery, we cut your eye drop use almost entirely. During the surgery we apply the drops to the internal eye so you don't have to use endless eye drops after you get home.

It's easy to forget to put eye drops in, and it can negatively impact your results if you do forget. That risk is eliminated with Dropless. We are one of only a few ophthalmologists in Las Vegas who use the Dropless system, and our patients are more than satisfied with the process and results.

We wrote a detailed page about Dropless cataract surgery to help our patients decide if it's right for them. Read about the process, benefits, and risks of the Dropless cataract surgery, and send us a message if you have any questions about the procedure.

Right now we offer traditional cataract surgery, Femto Laser Assisted Surgery (FLAS), and Dropless cataract surgery.

In FLAS we use a laser rather than traditional tools. It provides many patients with safer surgery and faster recovery. It is also a great option for patients with astigmatism who want to treat their astigmatism during their cataract surgery. We can correct several vision issues with laser cataract surgery that we cannot correct with traditional cataract surgery.

Laser cataract surgery is especially beneficial for eyes with specific conditions that might not respond to another method of cataract surgery. Set up an appointment with us to discuss your individual eye condition.

A cataract surgery lens is inserted during cataract surgery to replace your blurry lens that we have just removed. Our Las Vegas eye doctors use several different types of lenses. We match your detailed workup with our lens options to find the one that will give you the vision you want. Here are some of the lenses we offer:

  • Symfony Lens
  • Crystalens
  • Basic Lens
  • Toric Lens

There's no need to worry about which lens options is right for you, though! After your initial appointment with one of our surgeons, we will make a lens recommendation and you will be able to ask questions about your options.

We can fix your astigmatism while we are fixing your cataracts. Your new artificial lens will be specifically fitted to your eye to correct both your cataract and astigmatism in the same surgery. We can also correct your astigmatism and vision with our laser-assisted surgery.

Get rid of glasses and contacts for good!

Before your first appointment, you will fill out a couple forms online so we can get to know you and your medical history. We will do an extensive workup and ask you questions about your eyesight, lifestyle, and vision needs. If this is your first time to Brimhall Eye, then visit our new patient center for information on forms, financing, and for a virtual tour of our office.

Our cataract workups are far more extensive than the average cataract workup. We want to really spend time with you and your eyes so we can make the best recommendations possible. We will talk about what you want your vision to be like and what your goals for your vision are. We believe that a higher quality workup makes for higher quality results and safer treatment. After your extensive workup, we will make a recommendation as to whether or not you need surgery. If you do need cataract surgery then we will tell you your lens options and give you a recommendation. You will be able to meet with one of our counselors and talk through the options before making a decision.

Once you decide which lens is right for you, then we will set a surgery date! Cataracts are fixed one eye at a time, so if you have cataracts in both eyes then you will have two surgery dates. We have our own surgery center, so we are able to really personalize your surgery and experience. The procedure itself is very safe. Our eye surgeons and staff have a very gentle demeanor and our patients have wonderful outcomes.

Many of our patients tell us they were nervous leading up to their surgery, but that it was easy and painless. Most of our patients don't even remember their surgery. Getting surgery can be really scary! We want to make you feel as comfortable with the surgery as possible before you come into our office.

This informational cataract surgery page will tell you more the steps we take during cataract surgery, and what options are available to you. We have found that for our nervous patients, knowing what the surgery is like helps them to feel less anxious. Our counselors are always available to answer your questions.

We have very successful outcomes and we offer the safest and most cutting-edge cataract surgeries available. We have several full-time counselors who are here to walk you through your options. The doctor will make a recommendation and one of our counselors will help you choose the best option for your eye health and budget. We tailor each surgery to the individual patient.

From Dropless cataract surgery to laser cataract surgery, we have options for every eye. Contact us today to come in for a cataract surgery appointment.

Cataract surgery can completely change your vision.

If you have a cataract, then removing the lens and replacing it with a clear artificial lens is the best treatment available. We offer a couple of different types of cataract surgery at our surgery center. You can read about our surgery options below, or walk through a cataract surgery with us. We can even correct astigmatism and other vision issues while we are replacing your lenses!

Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures, and most people will develop cataracts during their lifetime. Cataract surgery is safe, fast, and the results are almost immediate. It starts with a detailed appointment and ends with a custom surgery tailored to your needs.

The image below is an example of what your vision looks like before cataract surgery. Click and drag the slider below to the right to see what your vision could look like after cataract surgery.

What is a cataract?

A cataract is a cloudy lens inside the eye. You are born with the lens, but over time it can become blurry and foggy, impairing your vision. Cataracts don't hurt, but they get worse over time, so it's important to get them fixed when they first begin to affect your vision. Cataracts can form at any age, and most happen after the age of 50. Most of our cataract surgery patients are over the age of 50. If you are going to the eye doctor regularly then your doctor will watch out for cataracts. If your vision is cloudy and you think you may have cataracts, then make an appointment with us and we'll see if cataract surgery is the solution for you!

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Deciding between treatment options is hard. It's really hard. That's why we have a team of counselors to help you weigh your options and choose which surgery or treatment is best for you. After you meet with one of our eye doctors, you'll sit down with one of our counselors, Andrew, Andrea, or Isabella, and they will walk you through your doctor's recommendations. Sometimes there are several options to choose between, and your counselor will show you what to expect from each and help you make a decision. Schedule a consultation with our counselors today!

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