What is Dropless cataract surgery?

Most patients use over 500 eye drops for up to a month after cataract surgery. These drops give the patient necessary medications that prevent infection and inflammation, but applying eye drops several times a day for weeks can be inconvenient.

Dropless Cataract surgery is a new development in cataract surgery that allows us to administer necessary medication to your eye during surgery – eliminating the need for you to use eye drops after your surgery. After a Dropless cataract surgery from an experienced eye surgeon, you will not have to use any eye drops. The medicine is already there.

The Dropless procedure is the same as other cataract surgeries: The surgeon removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with a new, artificial lens. You can read more about the cataract removal procedure if you're interested. In a Dropless procedure, the doctor then administers a combination of medications to the eye. These are the same medications that are found in the eye drops most cataract surgery patients apply after surgery; but in a Dropless procedure, they are administered during the surgery, so eye drops after surgery are no longer necessary.

This is a new, yet completely safe and approved procedure. It reduces the risk of infection by 3–8 fold and reduces eye irritation. There is always a risk after a traditional cataract surgery that the patient will forget to use their eye drops. This can cause inflammation and infection. With Dropless we no longer rely on eye drops, so we can ensure that the eye gets the proper dose of medication when it needs it.

If you don't like needles or surgical details, then skip this paragraph. We administer the medication by injecting it into the back of the eye. It sounds painful, but the patient doesn't feel any pain. The medication is then in the eye already – eliminating the need for post-surgery eye drops. The surgery is about the same length and cost as traditional cataract surgery.

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