What is clear lens exchange?

Clear lens exchange—also called refractive lens exchange, clear lens extraction, and clear lens replacements—is a vision correction surgery where your surgeon replaces the lens in your eye with a new, artificial lens.

The procedure is exactly the same as cataract surgery. The new lens is focused to your exact vision and deficiencies, so you will be able to see clearly immediately after surgery.

Who should get clear lens exchange?

Clear lens exchange is ideal for patients who are already experiencing changes in their cataracts. Most of our patients who get clear lens exchange are in their 50s, but it is open to patients of any age. Clear lens exchange works best when cataracts are starting to form and cataract surgery will probably be necessary in the next few years, if it isn't already. With clear lens exchange, we remove the clouded lens and replace it with an artificial lens. It removes the cataract as well as clears up vision in one surgery. These patients will likely never need cataract surgery because the clouded lens has already been replaced.

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