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Diabetic Eye Exam at The Brimhall Eye Center

Diabetic Eye Exam at The Brimhall Eye Center

Our Las Vegas Ophthalmology Team Provides Diabetic Eye Exams To Those In Need

At The Brimhall Eye Center, we pride ourselves on providing advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology along with professional, compassionate, and customized ophthalmology services. One of the most important services we provide to our Las Vegas community is the diabetic eye exam. Read on to learn about common diabetic eye problems and how our Las Vegas ophthalmology team can help.

Why Should People With Diabetes Pay Special Attention To Their Eye Health?

Nearly 30 million people in this country are affected by diabetes, a disease hallmarked by blood sugar levels that are too high. The disease can be managed with proper diet, exercise, and medication management, however it's still necessary to regularly check-in with your doctor to ensure that all aspects of your health are functioning well--including your eye health.

Diabetic eye problems are common. This is primarily because too much sugar in the bloodstream can cause inflammation, damage, and scarring to delicate tissues and blood vessels within the eye. One specific problem, known as diabetic retinopathy, is actually the world's leading cause of vision loss and blindness. Other eye problems related to or more likely to occur with diabetes include diabetic macular edema, cataracts, and glaucoma. 

What Is A Diabetic Eye Exam?

It's important to understand that just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you are destined to suffer from eye problems. In fact, you may very well have great eyesight and not notice anything wrong with your vision at all. Even so, it's still vitally important to schedule a diabetic eye exam on a regular basis. This is because many of the common diabetic eye problems don't present with any warning signs or symptoms until well after the disease process has already begun. Unfortunately, this may reduce the effectiveness of your ophthalmologist's treatment of diabetic eye disease, which may include medication, surgery, and lifestyle counseling. 

A diabetic eye exam is more thorough than your standard eye exam:

  • You can expect our Las Vegas ophthalmologist team to evaluate several aspects of your eye health: visual acuity, peripheral vision, external and internal anatomy, and inner eye pressure.
  • We'll dilate your eyes using specialized drops (which is painless for most of our patients) to help our ophthalmologist clearly visualize the inside of your eye and help detect any issues.
  • We'll also review your current prescriptions and relay any important information to share with your regular optometrist or physician regarding your eye health. Finally, we'll provide you with clear, succinct, and practical steps to maintain your eye health or manage a diabetic eye issue.

Do You Have Diabetes And Need To Get Your Eyes Checked? Visit Our Las Vegas Ophthalmologist Today

If you have diabetes, we recommend consulting with our Las Vegas ophthalmology team to ensure that your eye health is in optimal shape. To schedule a diabetic eye exam or to learn more about our eye care services, call The Brimhall Eye Center today at (702) 263-2020. 

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