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Green Eye

Presbyopia: Corneal Inlay Breakthrough

July 31, 2019

If you suffer from presbyopia, you may use reading glasses or contact lenses to help improve your vision. However, new developments in corneal inlay implants can actually correct your vision…
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Dry Eyes? Watch These 6 Tearjerkers

June 15, 2019

Dry eyes can be chronic issue, and for many of us we have to stay readily equipped with eye drops. But if you’re looking for…
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9 Facts about Love (and Your Eyes)

February 14, 2019

It’s the most romantic time of the year yet again; Valentine’s Day is here and that means it’s time to snuggle up to the one…
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Always Feel Tired? Get More Sleep!

January 19, 2019

Why do I always feel tired? A question a lot of us are asking. If you’re like a whole lot of Americans, getting more sleep was…
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A Stocking Full of Interesting Eye Facts

December 15, 2018

This time of year, you’re likely admiring all the wondrous holiday sights your eyes allow you to see, from beautifully bedecked Christmas trees to holiday light displays…
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LASIK vs Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA)

November 21, 2018

If you’ve been secretly hoping Santa would bring you better vision this year, it might be time to start weighing your options. Although LASIK is sometimes used…