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Wonderful Job

My name is Edward W. I love my doctor, he treats me with love and care, he treats everybody like one happy family. When you go to him, he talks to you gently and he cares for everybody, and he treats everybody the same, with respect. None the less, he did a wonderful job on my eye surgery. God Bless.

~ Edward W.

A Very Satisfied Client

Back in March and April of 2014 I had cataracts removed and new full range lenses implanted. This is a major decision being that I depend on good eyesight as part of my job in aviation and photography. I did a lot of research and I was seeking patient care that had me as the center of attention and concern.

The team at the Brimhall Eye Center provided excellent and complete orientation and preparation for the surgery along with information resources needed to inform and prepare me for selecting options for the different levels of service. Most importantly, they assured me of more than adequate post-operative support. This made me feel very comfortable.

I was now prepared to take the plunge and set an appointment for my surgery. I followed to the letter all of the instructions provided me in preparation for the surgery. Every symptom I had read about I was prepared for. All actions I needed to take to manage any post-operative situations, I again followed as directed. With that said, I can say I experienced no pain, no unknown side affects and my visual clarity is the best I have ever had. I was near sighted from the beginning so now, 66 years later, I can see clearly! I have no need for glasses, I have no issues with my eyes and I am glad that I took the steps to clear my vision.

The Brimhall Eye Center has met my expectations and I, with no reservations, highly recommend this team to others to take care of their visual health needs. Team, I thank you for my great vision!
Mr. S. Brown, a very satisfied client

Extensive Research

After doing extensive research, I decided to go to Brimhall eye center to see if I could get LASIK done. I was seeking an honest answer from an Eye doctor with integrity because I had RK and AK done on my eyes in approx 1994 so I knew this may not be possible. After reviewing my eyes I was told that I was not a good candidate for the surgery as it may only make my vision worse. Although I was disappointed I could not correct my vision with LASIK.....I was very pleased with the honest evaluation. I will definitely return for future evaluation with this eye center and would refer anyone who is seeking a professional eye care center with integrity.

Very good doctor, highly recommend.

Very satisfied with their whole service.

I have been seeing them for about a year. I have visited twice now. I am very satisfied with their whole service. They are professional and punctual. The doctor is very personable and professional. I have never had any issues scheduling an appointment with the eye doctor.

Excellent staff. Dr. Brimhall addressed my problem, created a care plan , and I now have fewer eye problems.

The doctor is one of the best ophthalmologist I’ve ever had treatment.

No Surprises

All went well. All after effects were clearly explained and there were no surprises. Excellent after care has been performed. My vision is perfect.

Doctor was Outstanding

Having recently moved to LV from Texas, I needed a new ophthalmologist to treat my son's multiple eye conditions. Found Dr. Brimhall via Angie, and everything from first telephone contact to meeting with Dr. himself was outstanding.

Office staff thoroughly professional, while being welcoming and patient. Dr. Brimhall himself takes his time to get to know patient and history. We never feel rushed with him, and his thorough examinations and explanations of options has kept us returning for quality care.

Totally Committed

Dr Brimhalll is one of the best doctor and finest individuals I have ever been to.. He is totally committed to his patients and had me come back several times to determine that the ASA was the right procedure for me. His staff is wonderful, friendly and willing to please. He actually advised us to see another doctor for the possibility of my husband having Parkinson disease and he was right. We were able to get treatment early for him. I can't say enough nice things about him and his staff including Andrew, who is always there to answer my questions. . I scratched my cornea on a Sunday and he came in the office that day to help . I could go on and on but need I say more???? He's the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Highly Recommend

I had my cataracts fixed and lasik for distance. I was extremely happy with my initial visit and how everything including cost was explained. The staff is excellent. Dr Brimhall is very supportive and even came in when I was having a problem to check my eyes. Would highly recommend the Brimhall Eye Center.

It was an excellent experience. I had cataracts in both eyes removed and lasik for distance on my right eye. I would highly recommend the Brimhall Eye Center.

Very Pleased with the Result

My case was complicated by previous surgeries that had left scar tissue. Because of this it was difficult to predict how the vision would end up after healing. Initially after surgery the left eye was 20-20 but the right eye was at 25--20 and was fuzzy. Dr. Brimhall performed laser surgery and followed up with other corrections to bring the right eye to 20-20 also. I am very pleased with the result and with the professional and friendly office atmosphere.

Problem Was Resolved

I had a crippling severe eye problem. I've been seeing him for 4 years. No one else was able to help me, no one was even able to identify the problem. I was not able to move because I couldn't see for 3 days at a time. Within a year the problem was resolved. Dr. Brimhall properly diagnosed and treated it.

Class Act

Dr. Brimhall himself is a class act.

I had a cousin that was referred to Dr. Brimhall on a Saturday of which the Brimhall Eye Center is closed on the weekends. Apparently, due to the severity of the issue at hand, he inclined to see my cousin in about a couple of hours while he opens the clinic to see what’s going on.

Long story short. He went completely out of his way coming from Nellis Air Force, where he is in the Reserve, I believe, to assess the problematic situation.

Which he then proceeded to follow up with another appointment on SUNDAY to ensure the medication was working or not.

He is very approachable, very nice, someone I would prefer over anyone if I had a severe eye issue.


If he treats this new patient like this, can you image how he treats his regular patients?


Above and Beyond

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for going above and beyond for my wife… Sometimes it takes a person like you to really get the job done. We were so pleased with the concern and attention to detail…. From our first meeting to post surgery, you ensured that we were informed and well taken care of. Thank you for your great service!

Very Special Care

Dr. Brimhall and staff, my most sincere thanks to you. Not only for the very special care, but most of all for the warm and genuine feelings of concern you conveyed to me at all times… I am certain I am in the best possible hands.

Wonderful Physician

I just wanted to thank you for giving me my vision again. Doctor Brimhall is a wonderful physician. He is very concerned about his patient’s welfare. I am very pleased with his care.

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