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Nearsightedness Support from Your Ophthalmologist in Las Vegas

If your vision doesn’t seem to be as sharp as you’d like, a visit to Brimhall Eye in Las Vegas is well worth your while.  Our ophthalmologist provides complete vision care using both surgical and non-surgical options.  One of the conditions we treat is nearsightedness, also known as myopia.

Nearsightedness support from Brimhall Eye Center

What is Nearsightedness?

Our doctor refers to nearsightedness as a refractive error rather than a disease.  In patients whose exams confirm this condition, the eye is unable to bend light correctly to one focus point in order to see clearly.  While close objects appear clear, those at a distance look blurred.  Individuals with this problem also have an above-average risk of experiencing a detached retina.

This disorder affects about one of every four people in the United States.  Our doctor notes that it is an inherited condition.  It frequently surfaces by age 12 and worsens during adolescence.  Most affected individuals experience little vision change between 20 and 40.  In some patients, however, it initially appears in adulthood.

Myopia occurs when an eye is abnormally long or has an overly steep cornea.  In either situation, light rays cannot focus on the retina but instead converge in front of it.  Far objects look blurred.

In addition to experiencing blurred distance vision, patients in our ophthalmology practice often have these symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Squinting
  • Eyestrain
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Moving closer to objects to see them clearly
  • Excessive blinking or rubbing the eyes

Fortunately, it's easy for our eye doctor to diagnose the disorder during comprehensive exams.  If a vision test confirms that a patient is nearsighted, he will use several devices to determine the cause.

Myopia Treatment Options from Our Ophthalmology Practice

No single option is always the best treatment to correct myopia.  At our ophthalmology center, choosing the right one includes taking into consideration an individual’s lifestyle. If Lasik surgery is not the best option we may have an alternative or we can recommend an Optometrist for glasses or contacts.

LASIK surgery permanently reshapes corneal tissue.  Doctors use a laser to flatten the domed shape of the cornea.  Implanted contacts are ideal for patients who are moderately to severely nearsighted. Made of a synthetic material, they cause refraction to occur at an eye’s lens rather than on the cornea. 

Like LASIK surgery, advanced surface ablation utilizes a laser to reshape the cornea.  A minimally invasive procedure, it is also beneficial for patients who are farsighted or who suffer from astigmatism.  It's ideal for those who aren't good candidates for LASIK or who don’t have a preference for that procedure.  This high-tech option enables a surgeon to achieve very precise reshaping.

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Our Las Vegas Ophthalmologist, Dr. Brett Brimhall, understands how precious your vision is to you.  At Brimhall Eye, our first concern is providing our patients with excellent optical services. Call us today at (702) 263-2020 to make an appointment and start on the path to better vision.

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