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LASIK – Safety and Quality

Looking for the right place to get LASIK? The information in this section can be very helpful in making the best decision for yourself. We recommend you read this entire section, especially at the end where it addresses your safety. If you compare getting LASIK to ordering food at a restaurant, would it be unusual for the chef (or LASIK center) to only offer one item on the menu? What if the ingredients they used were low quality or not as safe? What if you felt rushed you through, so they could move on to the next customer? What if you were unsure of their motivation? Cost is one thing to be aware of, but you should really consider more. Your eyes are important! The results of your LASIK can affect you the rest of your life. You should really think on the following:

  1. Look for safety.
  2. Understand that the higher quality type of LASIK can lead to significantly better vision.
  3. Seek care from a surgeon you trust.

Some clinics pay for endorsements to look favorable (going online to see patient reviews can help you see through this). Some use price gimmicks just to get you in (but with hidden costs that eliminate any pretended discount). We ask that you check us out. We are straight forward. No gimmicks, no paid endorsements… just happy patients. We believe you’ll like what you see.

The Brimhall Eye Center Offers Real Quality and Value

Only the Finest Bladeless Techniques

From a premium restaurant, you would expect to have food made only from the finest ingredients. Of course, you should expect the same from your LASIK surgeon. You should be aware that there are two main ways the LASIK procedure can be done

  1. using a blade or keratome (pronounced “care-uh-tome”), or
  2. using all-laser or bladeless techniques.

Additionally, not all bladeless techniques are the same. It is unfortunate, but many surgeons still routinely use a blade to do LASIK. Bladed techniques are cheaper for the surgeon, but are generally not as good for the patient. Blades have been proven to cause many problems, especially glare and an overall decrease in the quality of vision. These are frequently permanent.

By comparison, study after study has shown that high quality “all-laser” (or bladeless) techniques lead to superior vision and less complications—both safety and quality. Our Surgeons only uses the safest and highest quality laser. We believe your eyes are worth it!

Complimentary Full Work Up

We are one of the few in clinics in Las Vegas that offers a comprehensive work up, no strings attached. We review your history, perform a thorough medical exam, and test your eyes using highly specialized equipment. Our surgeons will personally examine your eyes and counsel with you about your options. There is no cost and no obligation. We feel confident you will feel the quality behind what we do, and that you will recognize our surgeons as people you can trust.

Free Upgrade to Custom LASIK

LASIK centers typically charge a significant amount of money for Custom LASIK. Others don’t offer it at all. We believe every one of our patients deserves CUSTOM LASIK AT NO EXTRA COST. Glasses are designed to eliminate both “focus” and “astigmatism”. On the other hand, custom LASIK not only corrects for focus and astigmatism but can also correct for more than 15 additional finer problems, potentially leading to better vision than you’ve ever experienced.

Additional Specialized Dry Eye Treatments After LASIK

After LASIK, most people will notice the symptoms of dry eye. A small device (or “plug”) can be used to help. Other clinics typically charge $80-140 for each eye for this service. Our surgeons have seen these plugs make a real difference for his patients. We are pleased to office this to our patients as part of our quality package.

High Quality After-Care and Touch-Ups Included

AVOID THE “CUT-AND-RUN” MENTALITY! We follow every patient for up to a full year without any additional charge. Most people have no problems, but if you do, we are here for you. If you don’t have problems we’re still here for you. If you need a touch up, you’re covered. There is no charge for touchups for up to one year, and they’re highly discounted after your one year anniversary.

Know the Risks of LASIK

It is your right to clearly know the risks of LASIK. First, it is important to know that almost everyone who gets high quality LASIK does very well. Although the complications mentioned below are uncommon, they can and do happen, especially in patients who opt for the cheaper form of LASIK. Maintaining the highest medical standards, following FDA guidelines, and adhering to the laser system’s recommendations gives the best results. As we have done this we have developed an excellent track record of safety and outcomes. We feel confident we can provide you with outstanding vision.

The Risks of LASIK:

Dry Eye

After the laser, most people will have dry eye for one to three months before fully recovering. Occasionally, dry eye can last up to six months. In very rare cases, severe and possibly permanent dry eye may result. Selecting the right patients for the procedure makes all the difference, and can eliminate the risk of long term problems almost entirely. Our surgeons are experts at treating dry eye. He can help if you have concerns.

Glare, Halos, and Ghosting

Even before laser 10% of people notice symptoms of glare, halos, or ghost imaging. There is no increase in the percentage of patients with glare after our method of LASIK. Unfortunately, cheaper forms of LASIK have been shown in studies to produce rates in up to 60% of people. In some, these symptoms become so severe that they can no longer drive.


Most people will have stable vision after LASIK. Studies now show that LASIK leads to stable vision beyond 11 years. It is important to note that some people may regress however. We estimate that 95% or more of patients will have stable vision. If you have higher amounts of astigmatism your chance of needing a touch up may increase. Free touch ups are important.

Need for Glasses or Contacts

The goal of getting LASIK is to eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. The vast majority of patients achieve exactly that. Occasionally someone will need glasses or contacts still. In most cases, touch ups can be done to refine the vision. You should also be aware that if you are around 40, you may require glasses to see things up close. There are options that can help with this.

Decrease in Vision

It is very rare for a LASIK patient to have a decrease in their vision that not even glasses will fix. Using the finest and safest laser possible has been shown in studies to reduce this risk. We recommend that if you decide to get LASIK that you use the safest, not the cheapest laser. Although the risk is real, we have not seen this complication in our patients to date.

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