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Las Vegas Glaucoma Treatment at Brimhall Eye

Having trouble with Glaucoma? Optic nerves are the nerves that “carry” vision from the eyes to the brain. The optic nerve is the part of the eye that is damaged by glaucoma. When these nerves are damaged, vision is impaired. This explains the need for Glaucoma Treatment.

Glaucoma is a condition in which the optic nerve is progressively injured. This damage first causes blind spots to develop in the vision. These blind spots usually go undetected until more severe damage has occurred. If the optic nerve is destroyed, blindness results. In many instances glaucoma damage is related to high pressures in the eye. Because the damage is irreversible, it is important that people who are at higher risk of having glaucoma are tested.

Without Glaucoma

With Glaucoma

Glaucoma Treatment

Treating glaucoma early is the key to maintaining healthy eyes. The disease often progresses silently, with no warning or symptoms.

Most often those with glaucoma have no symptoms. Some forms of glaucoma, however, may cause occasional blurring vision associated with a headache, nausea, or halos around lights. Late in the disease process patients may notice dimming vision, poor peripheral vision or an inability to see.

Glaucoma: What’s the risk?

While anyone can get glaucoma, certain groups of people are at higher risk of the disease.

  • Age – The older one is, the more likely glaucoma is to occur.
  • Race – African Americans are at a much higher risk. Hispanics are also at risk.
  • Diabetes – It is believed that diabetes may be a risk factor for glaucoma.
  • Family History – Those with a parent, brother, or sister with glaucoma are at higher risk.

Current guidelines recommend that you should be screened by an ophthalmologist if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have a parent or sibling who was diagnosed with glaucoma.
  • You are an African American over age 50.
  • You are a Latin American over age 65.
  • You have diabetes.

Las Vegas Glaucoma Experts

If you think you are at risk, come get a screening from a respected eye specialist who provides Las Vegas glaucoma treatment.

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