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Brimhall Eye Ophthalmologists Offer Farsightedness SupportBrimhall Eye Center Ophthalmologists in Las Vegas offers farsightedness support through eye exams, corrective vision & eye disease treatment

For farsightedness treatment, put your trust in our Las Vegas ophthalmologist. At Brimhall Eye, you’ll get exceptional care that meets your very specific needs. Our ophthalmology team provides comprehensive service for numerous eye and vision concerns. This includes farsightedness.

What Is Farsightedness?

Farsightedness, also known as hyperopia, is a type of vision condition in which a person can see distant objects clearly but those objects that are near to the individual are harder to see clearly. There are various degrees of farsightedness. However, if you have even minor limitations with your vision in this way, chances are good you can benefit from an eye exam and vision screening and perhaps a prescription for treatment. Most people who have this condition will have it from the time they are born and it tends to run in families. Yet, it can be corrected.

Farsightedness happens when the cornea, the clear front surface of the eye, has a curve in it that is too small or the eye itself is shorter than what is normal. This allows light to focus behind the retina, creating a blurry image for items that are close-up.

What Are the Symptoms of Farsightedness?

Though an eye exam and visual screening are the best ways to determine if you may have this condition, there are numerous symptoms likely to occur. Those include:

  • Objects that you see close to you seem to be blurry.
  • You may squint to try to see things more clearly.
  • In some cases, individuals develop burning eyes from eyestrain. This can also cause an aching in the eyes and the eye socket.
  • Some people experience eye discomfort or headaches especially after prolonged tasks requiring up close attention.

Individuals should seek out the help of an ophthalmologist specializing in farsightedness if they feel they have any of these symptoms. Additionally, individuals should turn to a doctor if they have any type of pain or worsening of vision. Depending on the level of farsightedness present, many people benefit from using prescription products.

How is Farsightedness Diagnosed?

Most people receive this diagnosis as a child, but for those who may not have had thorough vision screening, it may come later in life. Farsightedness is diagnosed using a basic vision exam. There are a series of tests run to determine if you have a vision deficiency as well as the degree of deficiency present. Our Las Vegas ophthalmologists will also check your overall eye health through additional tests. This ensures we have a thorough understanding of the health of your eye and the condition of your vision.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Las Vegas Ophthalmologist for Farsightedness

Brimhall Eye offers a variety of treatment options for farsightedness. When you come in to see our Las Vegas ophthalmologist, our eye doctor will recommend the best treatment option for your needs. This may involve surgery or other treatments. Come in to see our doctor to discuss hyperopia or other types of vision concerns or surgery needs today. Call us at (702) 263-2020.

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