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Eye Exams in Las Vegas

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Why Are Regular Ophthalmology Exams Important?

Why should you see an ophthalmologist? The answer is because an ophthalmologist can do things an optometrist can't do. While optometrists give eye exams for the purpose of prescribing corrective lenses and cursory eye health checks, ophthalmologists are fully qualified eye doctors who can diagnose and treat eye disease, as well as perform surgery. I you want the healthiest eyes all the time, and desire to maintain your best vision, you should have at least an annual exam with an ophthalmologist.

What Services Do Doctors of Ophthalmology Provide?

Your doctor of ophthalmology can do the following things for you and your eyes:

Cataract Surgery--If you have cataracts, an ophthalmologist can diagnose them, treat them, and surgically remove them when they become thick enough to remove. The doctor will also provide pre and post-op care.

LASIK--Your eye doctor will evaluate you to determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK. If you are, the doctor can perform the surgery right in the office, and provide pre and post-op care.

Advanced Eye Surgeries of All Kinds--There are a variety of other types of eye surgeries you may need due to eye or other health conditions. Advanced surface ablation, eyelid surgery, and contact lens implant surgery are just a few of examples of the types of surgery your eye doctor can do. If you need any kind of surgery on your eye at all, your ophthalmologist can do it.

Dry Eye Treatment--Dry eye is a common and underdiagnosed eye condition. We diagnose and treat it at our office, whether you are only just developing it, or have had it a while and have sustained some eye damage as a result. We can also help heal any damage from previously untreated dry eye.

Treatment for Diabetic Eyes--Diabetic eyes are delicate things that require special treatment, and sometimes medication. We can provide these things to you at our office.

Treatment for Glaucoma--Not only can we diagnose glaucoma, we can treat it. If you are coming in for regular exams, we can probably catch it early, when it is just developing, and give you a better outcome for your vision.

Treatment for Migraines--Sometimes, poor eyesight leads to migraines. We can heal the migraines by diagnosing and treating the underlying eye or vision issue.

Treatment for Floaters--Normally, floaters aren't a problem, and most people don't really notice them. However, if they begin to interfere in your vision, we can remove them with a simple laser surgery, and provide pre and post-op care.

Brow Lift Surgery--If your upper eyelids become too saggy as you age, it can interfere with your vision. By surgically lifting your brows, we can ensure you see perfectly and without interference again.

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Contact us at (702) 263-2020 to set up an appointment with an ophthalmologist and get your first evaluation and eye exam at our office. Let us help you keep your eyes healthy. We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Brimhall Eye family.

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