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Brimhall Eye Center Discusses DMEK Cornea Transplants

Descemet Membrane Epithelial Keratoplasty, usually shortened to DMEK, is an eye surgery procedure in which removes the Descemet’s membrane and endothelium of the eye and replaces them with a donor graft of corneal tissue. It is a type of corneal transplant that a recently gained in popularity for the treatment of diseased or damaged corneas. It is a complex surgery that is still evolving, but it offers individuals who have corneal edema and other eye conditions a chance at better vision. Your ophthalmologist at Brimhall Eye Center can advise you on whether DMEK is an option for your eye care.


The DMEK Procedure For Corneal Transplant

The cornea is a curved dome of tissue that covers the front part of the eye. It is composed of three layers, the epithelium, the stroma and the endothelium. When the inner lining of cells that make up the endothelium fail, it can adversely affect the ability to see. DMEK replaces this layer of cells and is a recent advancement over traditional corneal transplant surgery. The DMEK procedure is done through a small incision in the side of the cornea. It involves peeling back the endothelial layer, preserving the other layers of the cornea. The donor disc is then put into position. The eye doctor will then provide specific instructions to aid healing.

Recovery From DMEK

The DMEK procedure generally only requires over-the-counter pain relievers, but other medications can be prescribed if needed. The patient is given a patch to wear over the eyes and should lie on his or her back for the first 24 hours to aid healing. Antibiotic and steroid drops are generally prescribed. Healing is usually complete within two weeks. If the donor disc should become dislocated, additional surgery can be done to re-position it. The DMEK procedure offers a minimal change in refraction because only a very small amount of corneal tissue is replaced.

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