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Custom Cataract Las Vegas Surgery

Looking for maximum satisfaction?  Getting the right kind of surgery is important!  The results of your surgery are intended to be permanent, and will likely affect every waking minute of every day for the rest of your life. Custom Cataract Las Vegas Surgery is the process used by the Brimhall Eye Center in Las Vegas to ensure our patients have maximum satisfaction.

Traditional cataract surgery typically offers an improvement in vision, but most often leads to patients needing to use glasses to see clearly.  In contrast, our Custom Cataract Surgery can offer dramatic and lasting freedom from glasses.  Think about it!  You will be able to see objects both far away and up close, all without glasses or readers.  You can participate in swimming, golfing, reading, TV watching, and many of your favorite activities with clear and sharp vision—no glasses required.  Exciting?  Yes!  And the results are intended to last!

The Steps of Preparing Your Customized Cataract Las Vegas Surgery

Dr. Brimhall, Dr. Lin, and their highly trained staff will walk you through the process of customizing your cataract surgery.  We hope you will enjoy the journey to better vision.  We sure do!

  1. Learn About Your Needs and Goals. This is one of the most important steps to get right.  You will talk with Our Surgeons and staff, discussing your lifestyle, hobbies, and interests.  You may need cataract surgery if the lens in your eyes become cloudy. Everyone has a lens in each eye, and they are usually transparent, which allows us to see clearly and sharply through them. As the lens becomes cloudy over time, it makes things appear blurry. While cataracts may have a genetic component, they seem to be mostly a product of aging, so it is not unusual for them to begin appearing as early as your fifties, and maybe even sooner in some people.
  2. Perform a Thorough Exam.  This is done not only to provide you with a safe and appropriate surgery, but also to determine which specialized services would benefit you the best.  It is important to be aware that some patients are not good candidates for some services.
  3. Obtain Advanced Measurements of the Eye.  These highly advanced measurements are critical in getting the desired results.  We are proud to note that our measurements are some of the most accurate in the nation.
  4. Our Recommendation & Your Decision.  Our surgeons will counsel you in all the available options and then offer what will provide you with the greatest satisfaction.  We take great pride in our “100% integrity” policy, which is a pillar of our practice.  After we offer our recommendation, you make your decision.  If medically appropriate, we will always support you in your decision.

The Surgery

The surgery is then carried out according to the detailed plans made above.  It may include special procedures to reduce or eliminate astigmatism.  It may also include placement of a specially powered artificial lens to provide clearer near or far vision.  It may also require the placement of highly specialized artificial lenses that can help you see both near and far without the need for glasses.

The Results!

The results are typically stunning!  Achieving a “hand-in-glove” fit is highly rewarding—and not just for our patients!  We thoroughly enjoy what we do, and look forward to helping you as we have helped thousands of others.

The Brimhall Eye Center “Custom Cataract Surgery” program is the product of years of fine-tuning.  We believe it stands unique in the state of Nevada.  Let us change your life!

Call us for your Las Vegas custom cataract surgery needs at (702) 263-2020  –or– send us a message.

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