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Posted on 11-05-2018

At Brimhall Eye Center We Can Evaluate You For Early Signs of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a complex disease of the eye that is related to pressure and damage to the optic nerve that can cause irreversible vision loss, according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation. At Brimhall Eye Center we want you to know the early signs of glaucoma so we can help you recognize the symptoms early enough to preserve your sight. We serve Las Vegas and the surrounding areas with quality eye care. 

Normal Eye vs. Glaucoma

What Are Some Early Glaucoma Symptoms?

The scary truth is that vision loss can be the very first sign of glaucoma. And in many cases glaucoma-related vision loss is permanent so if you experience any decrease in vision, it warrants an urgent eye doctor appointment. Other early symptoms depend on the type of glaucoma.  

Open-Angle Glaucoma is called the "thief of sight" by the Glaucoma Research Foundation. This is because this type of the disease has no symptoms, in fact, you can have it for many years without realizing it until it is too late. This is why annual check-ups at your eye doctor are so important. 

Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma symptoms are blurry vision, rainbow-like circles when you look at a bright light, eye and head pain, nausea, and sudden sight loss. 

The damage caused by all types of glaucoma is associated with increased pressure on a specific part of the eye, according to The Mayo Clinic, it is vital to be checked often to prevent permanent damage. 

Contact us Today for a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Call us at Brimhall Eye Center for your comprehensive eye exam today if you have not had your yearly exam yet, or if you are showing any of the above symptoms of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a serious condition, and we take is seriously to preserve your sight and comfort. Time is of the essence so call for an exam, 702-263-2020. We serve Las Vegas and the surrounding area with quality eye care to patients of all ages. 

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