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Posted on 01-04-2018

Farsightedness Treatment From Your Las Vegas Ophthalmologist

You should see an eye doctor on a regular basis for a screening to detect any vision deficits. An ophthalmology expert like one at Brimhall Eye, serving Las Vegas and the surrounding area, offers treatment for eye conditions as well as comprehensive eye exams. We have three convenient locations in the northwest, southwest and west part of Las Vegas. We assist patients who have farsightedness from our Tenaya, South Rainbow Blvd. and North Durango locations.



Hyperopia, also commonly referred to as farsightedness, is a vision condition that affects how well you see objects up close. Although you may be able to see objects in the distance clearly, objects up close may appear blurry. The degree of farsightedness varies from person to person, which is why some patients can only see objects far in the distance clearly while others can see objects clearly at a short distance away from them. Many people have farsightedness at birth. Hyperopia tends to be a hereditary condition. 


The main symptom of hyperopia is that objects close up appear blurry. You might suffer from eyestrain, which causes symptoms like aching in or around the eyes and burning in the eyes. You might experience eye discomfort or a headache while you have to partake in activities like reading, computer work or writing for long periods of time. You might notice you have to squint to see clearly. 

Cause of Farsightedness 

Farsightedness is one type of refractive error. Farsightedness happens when the cornea isn't curved enough or the eye is shorter than usual. When light enters into the eye, it focuses behind the retina instead of directly on it like it's supposed to. Some people have difficulty seeing far away, too. 

Treating Farsightedness

Younger individuals don't always require treatment because the lenses inside the eye may compensate; however, as a person ages, the lenses become less flexible, resulting in a need for corrective eyewear to correct farsightedness.  

Our eye doctor will perform an examination that will determine your prescription. You may need monovision lenses, bifocal or trifocal contact lenses, depending on your vision impairment. You may opt for eyeglasses, and if you only have an issue with your up close vision, you can purchase just a pair of reading glasses. You may want to opt for surgery, which our ophthalmology expert can refer you to. 

Schedule an Appointment with Your Las Vegas Ophthalmologist

If you're experiencing any vision problems, already have a vision problem or are over the age of 40, schedule an appointment with Brimhall Eye, serving northwest, southwest and west Las Vegas, NV. Contact us at 702-263-2020 to schedule an appointment. Our ophthalmologist office has three convenient locations at the following locations: 

6850 North Durango Dr. Ste 110 

5380 South Rainbow Blvd. Ste. 200

2800 North Tenaya Way Suite 102  

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